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LeapDroid was launched into the market as a legitimate and proven way of earning money online. Since then, it has become popular and a hit among all types of users and it has been making waves all over the internet. However, it has attracted so many negative comments and criticisms because of its many flaws. The flaws mainly include the fact that it is not compatible with the Windows operating system and that it has some known glitches.

It is true that there are free programs that are capable of doing what LeapDroid does, but there are also some that are not so effective. The reason why some people are disappointed about the program is because they expect it to give them the results that they were expecting. They think that the software was supposed to help them earn more money and make more money on the internet. What they failed to realize is that there is no real money in this kind of program. However, it can still be considered to be an effective and genuine online robot.

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